Life is art, and art is life.


Romana Meissner is a Czech-born and currently Germany based visual artist. She considers herself an explorer of the human condition. Why do people act the way they do? What are we driven by? What lies beneath the surface of what meets the eye? These are some of the questions the artist wants to find answers to in her work.

To express what she senses beneath the surface, Romana Meissner feels drawn to different materials and a range of colours, which she applies in layers on canvases and papers, using a variety of techniques including scratching, brushing and printing. This way expressive, mostly abstract works are created, some reduced, others rich in colour and texture.

"Romana Meissner's art encompasses emotions and feelings translated into an instinctive and intuitive gestrure." (Giorgia Massari, art curator)

Romana Meissner's works are in private collections in Germany, France, the Netherlands and the USA.

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